Introduction of Choyo wine長陽福娘のご紹介


Taste Concept
"Sake that complements you."

This sake is not flashy, but it has a gentle taste that soaks into the body and brings comfort to the drinker.


Choyo Fukumusume

Choyo Fukumusume is based on sake rice grown in Hagi, mainly Yamadanishiki, and groundwater that gushes out of the brewery grounds and also the climate of our hometown Hagi, and the passion of the brewers including the head brewer.
By appreciating and deepening our understanding of the environment we have been given, we strive every day to make the most of the environment and in so doing create a flavor that can only be expressed by Choyo Fukumusume.
By participating in the Hagi Sake Rice Refining Cooperative, which is a joint organization of six sake breweries and sake rice producers in the local Hagi area, we have been able to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the rice used as raw material through our involvement in the milling and production of sake rice. By drawing out the power of microorganisms such as Koji mold and yeast to the utmost limit and promoting ideal fermentation without stagnation, we brew sake that is gentle and smooth to drink

Our motto is, “Peaceful brewing makes for good sake”. Even in the field of sake brewing, which requires strictness and an uncompromising care, we always keep in mind the need to communicate harmoniously and strive for improvement.
Facing the Sea of Japan, Hagi has long been known for its prosperous fishing industry and the sake it brews goes well with seafood such as sea bream, horse mackerel, and black throat sea perch. Choyo Fukumusume aims to be sake that “gently accompanies you” rather than asserting itself according to the various situations of the customers who drink it. In addition to helping our customers find peace and comfort, we will contribute to the creation of a new culture by creating a more fulfilling and satisfying experience in a variety of situations, including dining.



used rice

720ml ¥1,540円(税込)


山田錦を原料に華やかな香りを生み出す特殊な吟醸酵母を用いて醸した清涼感のある夏向きのお酒です。精米歩合は50%と大吟醸規格の商品で、やや甘口の仕上がりですが華やかな香りと透明感のある味わいに、直汲みによる搾りたての軽い発泡感を残すことで、夏らしい清涼感のある味わいに仕上げています。 鯛やイサキなどの白身のお魚のお刺身や鱧などと、また夏のお野菜を使ったお料理などとお楽しみください。

used rice

720ml ¥1,870円(税込)


酒米の王様「山田錦」を贅沢に使った辛口の純米酒。 スッキリとした辛口でありながら適度な甘味や柔らかさを併せ持った長陽福娘ならではの味わい。

used rice

720ml ¥1,595円(税込)

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